What are the characteristics of a foundry able to cast nuclear level parts?

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Are all foundries capable to easily produce nuclear level parts?
The obvious answer is effectively no. In order to cast parts meeting the very severe level of the nuclear market segment, the foundry needs to control many critical parameters.

First, this foundry needs to properly handle the basic quality parameters at all their production levels. Whether it is about the sand used in the moulding department or for the quality of the melt in the fusion department (excessive presence of gas – among other issues – combined to other factors in melt contributes to create defects during the pouring process), the quality control in a foundry is just about every detail in every department.

Moreover, since the nuclear level parts can afford very tiny defects in a limited number (e.g. parts meeting the UT inspection upon ASTM A609 level 1), the capability of the foundry to use an optimal gating & risering system is critical. That is why most of the foundries supplying this market segment are using internal 3D simulation system in order to establish the right type system to properly feed the part.

All in all, a solid control on all the processes within the foundry is essential when we know that many end-customers in the nuclear industry (such as Navy vessel manufacturers or nuclear power plants) will not authorize any repair on the casting part that deviate from their standard. And this even if the foundry welders have the qualification for the pressure-vessel certification.

D.W. Clark, a qualified partner of Metallurgical Resources, has developed the know-how to produce such cast parts. They have many years of experience producing nuclear cast parts for customers such as the US Navy and many other ones.

To know more about what DW Clark can do for your company on high quality parts such as nuclear level ones, please click on below link or contact Metallurgical Resources at (514) 236-5441 or by email at pbelley@metallurgicalresources.com.


5 Comments on “What are the characteristics of a foundry able to cast nuclear level parts?”

  1. I am only an Foundrymen who have an experienced development in Automotive parts, Oil & Gas Industry, Mining Industry, etc (Steel , nodular, gray and Malleable black heart Iron.
    I worked in a Nuclear atomic Plant and in a Fuel nuclear industry.
    I would like to know about more informacion of Casting parts for nuclear Industry.

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