How the idea to create Metallurgical Resources came in my mind?

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How the idea to create Metallurgical resources came in my mind?

In order to properly understand the origin of that idea I have to go back in the time I was a college student and I was working for my father’s business in the personal protective equipment supplied to the industries.
After having worked during my studying years in their stores, warehouse and trucks, I have joined the business when my college degree was completed. I was developing new business across the various industries in the Province of Quebec and became familiar with their operations and requirements.

After my father retired I have joined a competitor in the same market where I became the General Manager and co-owner of the Quebec division, and this during 12 years. During all these years I have combined the importance of managing operations while assuring a maximum of sales development throughout the industrial market.

After a quick step of 2 years in the cheese-making equipment distribution, I have joined the BSL Casting foundry in the first weeks after the foundation of that company. It has been a privilege to manage the sales of that new company during 7 ½ years.
What an amazing challenge it has been of building sales in the remains of the 2008-2009 recession period… While learning at a high speed about the various alloys, appropriate heat treatments as well as how to properly identify the part suitable to convert from fabrication to casting part.
During that journey I had the privilege to establish solid relationships with various partners of our foundry such as patternshops, machine shops, NDT sub-contractors, retro-engineering and part design firms.

All these years have forged in myself a strong desire of always better understanding the customers’ specific requirements in order to select the right supplier with the right level of expertise and know-how in-line with the end-customer’s needs.

This is the engagement of Metallurgical Resources to you, and this upon my own experience combined with the high level of expertise of our business partners represented by our company.

Stay tuned and expect more soon…

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